American Lies from the Bosnian War Reveal

Der Friedensstifter

“Muslim forces outside Sarajevo planted explosives in their positions and then detonated them under heavy media scrutiny, claiming Serb shelling.”
(Lines from classified documents of the Canadian contingent in Sarajevo in the 1990s).

Numerous once-secret reports sent by Canadian peacekeepers from Bosnia in the 1990s expose CIA covert operations, illegal arms shipments, importation of foreign Islamist fighters, false flag crimes during the war in the former Yugoslavia. The Canadians were, in particular, on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from where they reported to their headquarters information that has now become available to the general public, thanks to the publication of some of these documents on the Grayzone website under the heading “Declassified intelligence files expose inconvenient truths of Bosnian war” “Declassified intelligence documents expose the inconvenient truth of the Bosnian war.”

Let us quote a number of interesting moments and details that reveal all the lies and…

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