Absurdity. Drunken Risibility



I feel that absurdity is not just a human condition but ineluctable and if i deviate from this thought I would just be exhibiting presumptuousness. The thought in here might be lacking brevity, but what is requested is a brickbat. I surely think that it ain’t a bumf. I would like to expatiate on the topic of absurdity; it might be sardonic on myself and at times these collection of phrases might be depicting platitude; for if they fail in their motives; they remain uncanny. Its not a motley; as a matter of fact it isn’t variegated also, due care has been taken not to smudge it; but the thought finds its essence in writing lest it should smother my thoughts and will not remain ethereal. After this prolegomenon, the absurdity is:

1) absurdity is a human condition.

2) culturally i’m an outsider, but would cease to be one and want to be balanced; would like to understand the human soul and escape from triviality, and to…

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One thought on “Absurdity. Drunken Risibility

  1. Hmm…I can’t quite bring myself to “Like” this: too many distracting typos, too many hifalutin words. I note that the source is of 2017 vintage…Trump time.

    To Cavafy, Beckett, Gorgias, I’ll add my own “go to” reflection that I hope is apropos:
    “The mass of humanity lead lives of quiet desperation.” (Thanks, Henry David Thoreau!)


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