A Day Without Technology: Revisiting An Old Article — The Hidden Dominion

Vermont Folk Troth

no tech day, no tech life meme

[…]You get so much more done when you have no computer, television, phone, or other tech involved in your day.

You also get bored. Which is immensely helpful—It gives you time to meditate, to think, to be with and get to know yourself. This is essential for proper character building and self-reflection. Through this habit, I now understand why most social medialites avoid any tech downtime like the plague, because I too would not want to get to myself either if I was a vapid lunatic.

[…] Whether it is to read a book, to learn a new skill, to spend time with your family, or to just explore outside, I still immensely support a no tech day.[…]

Monthly No Tech Day: Revisiting An Old Article — The Hidden Dominion

No Media Monday

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