A Call To Arms For Those In Specific Spheres

Mogadishu Matt

Through a deep dive of sorts, I noticed that some of the greatest earners seemed to be stuck doing them. I knew ten cent millionaires that blew their money, then got stuck destroying themselves in the chemical world. Most people know of someone else that hit it big in entertainment, just to find themselves spitting out work to pay a tax bill. But one of the biggest examples was the athlete, or specifically boxers.

There was always a promoter that could push someone into taking a last fight, mostly due to the boxer’s mix of “love” of riches and an inability to manage spending. I saw plenty stories of a boxer that couldn’t quit.

I saw one specifically that tied in with today’s date; 1/12/1951. Ezzard Charles, the Cincinnati Cobra, picked up a TKO for the heavyweight boxing title.

I knew that he boxed because I had seen his name…

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