War by Other Means – Positioning for 2023

The Levelling

War is a mere continuation of policy by other means’, General Carl von Clausewitz

As we end a turbulent 2022, I have been thinking about what firms, investors, and governments should be positioning for in 2023 (and beyond). This year, together with David Skilling (long-time collaborator and LandFall Strategy Group CEO), we have prepared a paper on key dynamics that will shape the year ahead.

This shorter note sketches out our view on these dynamics. Please get in touch (through LinkedIn or by email) if you would like to access the full report. 2023 is likely to be another volatile year. This ongoing turbulence reflects not just idiosyncratic shocks, but also a regime change in the global economic and political system.

After the end of the beginning

Our core thesis is that the global economy is moving onto a ‘war time’ footing, with increasing, broad-spectrum strategic rivalry between the…

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