US University Psychology Studies – Liberal ‘Researchers’ Lie – by Edward Dutton – 12 Jan 2023


It’s Official: Leftist Researchers Lie. That’s Why Universities Are Doomed

With a few glaring exceptions, such asthe late James Flynn, leftists are systematicallyless interested in the truththan conservatives. Or to put it more bluntly, they lie more often. Thus a major research project has shown that, when findings in psychology have proven fraudulent, the findings almost always support leftist ideology.

Leftists lie for myriad reasons. One is that they aresystematicallymorementally unbalancedthan conservatives. High inMachiavellianism and vulnerable Narcissism, they cravestatusandadorationto deal with their feelings of low self-esteem, powerlessness and high mental instability. Those feelings cause themto feara fair fight, and they therefore seek power covertly byvirtue signallingabout such matters as “equality.” This is particularly true for women: Overhalf of young, female leftistssuffer anxiety or depression.

An example of their dishonesty: the…

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