Ukraine, America, and the Subversion of Orthodox Christianity

The Inkless Pen

They will expel you from the Synagogue! Yes, the time is coming when whoever kills you will think that he is offering service to God! They will do these things because they have not known the Father or Me.” (John 16:2-3).

For many years now both “soft” and “hard” persecution has been executed against the true Orthodox Church in Ukraine, which is called the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). Its faithful ruling hierarch is His Beatitude, Metropolitan Onuphry (many years!). The UOC is a completely self-governing local Church, it rightfully maintains fellowship with the Russian Orthodox Church, but is not in subjection to it. It has been self-governing since the fall of the Soviet Union. The UOC is the continuation of the over 1,000-year life of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Modern-day Ukraine is located in a region of what was once Kievan-Rus. It is worth noting, most news agencies…

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