The Men Of Conscience

Voice of East

The Men Of Conscience

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Conscience is a rare and precious gift in human treasure. The people with living conscience are salt in oats and the people with dead conscience are like desert sand. There are some men of conscience, whose influence for good, efficacy, revolution, sobriety, sanity, decency, dignity, and humanity transcend unprecedented and unparalleled human achievements. Jesus Christ called these men of righteousness and living conscience “The Salt of Earth.”

When the rulers, the politicians and the government servants are sodden in drink, debauchery, banditry, bribery, looting, smuggling, conspiracy and corruption, then the men who raise the voice against these social and political evils are the Men of Conscience. When the kidnappers, the rapists, the rascals, the black mailers and fascists range over the land and dominate the under-privileged and deprive the down-trodden wretched masses by defiling the human norms and values, then who can…

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