The illusion of Justice in rules based Western countries.

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The illusion of Justice in rules based Western countries.

by tonytran2015.

In a FALSE RULES BASED country, the victims can theoretically take their aggressors to the Court.

However, a victim has to agree to the discretionary rulings by the Courts. But is there any guarantee that the Courts would rule without bias? Even a well written constitution still cannot guarantee that. Only PAST RECORDS OF THE COURTS CAN GUARANTEE THAT.

Often the officers running the Court may NOT be strict on the transgression of the written legislative laws by the agressors while being very strict on the victims sticking to Court’s own rules when making claims against the aggressors. More often than not, the officers of the Court fine the victims for not sticking strictly to Court’s own rules while being quite LENIENT with aggressors for their transgressions of legislators laws which the victims relied on for…

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