Saturday News: The SCAMDEMIC Is Now Falling To Pieces, And More REAL News In Our Sick World!


I have been saying for a while that I have tried to keep these reports ‘relatively simple’… But when I start getting into dissecting the REAL news out there, keeping it ‘simple’ becomes impossible…

And I am sick and tired of the lying whore media outlets that continue to ‘spin’ the real news around and spew out nothing but blatant lies to the gullible out there…. Honestly, if anyone actually believes the bullshit coming from these criminal outlets, they need their heads examined!

And.. I am absolutely going to avoid that crap happening in America right now, where that pant-shitting lunatic drooling brain dead pedophile, “President” Joe Biden, is absolutely 100% GUILTY in having a shit load of classified documents in his possession that he absolutely has ZERO rights to even if he is considered ‘President’…. But if anyone actually believes that this insane SOB will ever be ‘impeached’ or…

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