Pro-Russia group NoName057(16) targets Ukraine and NATO countries

This sh1t is getting LIT


A Pro-Russian group named NoName057(16) is targeting organizations in Ukraine and NATO countries with DDoS attacks.

A Pro-Russian cybercrime group named NoName057(16) (aka 05716nnm or Nnm05716) is behind a wave of DDoS attacks against organizations in Ukraine and NATO countries, SentinelOne researchers reported.

The attacks started in March 2022 and targeted government and critical infrastructure organizations.

This week the group disrupted services across the financial sector of Denmark, and recent attacks hit organizations and businesses across Poland, Lithuania and others.

Early this month, Poland’s security agency warned of pro-Russian hackers that are continuously targeting the state since the start of the invasion of Ukraine. The security agency reported the case of the November attack on the Polish parliament that was attributed to the pro-Russian group NoName057(16).

On January 11th, SentinelLabs observed NoName057(16) begin targeting 2023 Czech presidential election candidates’ websites. The researchers identified the group operations over public Telegram channels

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