Predictions 2023 for US & Global Economy & Politics

Jack Rasmus

In my latest Alternative Visions radio show, and as a follow up to the preceding show that reviewed economic & political events of 2022, I made my annual predictions for the year ahead, 2023.



Dr. Rasmus follows up last week’s Alternative Visions show on a review of economic & political events in 2022 with today’s show’s predictions for 2023. Included are what’s next for the USA with regard to inflation, recession, fiscal-monetary and trade policy shifts, and potential for financial instability. And on the political scene what’s likely to occur with the USA’s proxy war in Ukraine, tech trade war with China, the situation with Taiwan, and domestically the super-gridlock likely in Congress. Rasmus then predicts important economic and political developments likely to occur in Europe, the UK, China, Japan, Middle East (Saudi, Iran, Syria, Israel) and Latin America (especially Ecuador-Peru, Argentina and…

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