Planned Obsolescence ?

Mitigating Chaos

New job, new city, new office, new computer, new iPhone, new everything.

As Joe Walsh often said, Life’s Been Good To Me So Far.

Until yesterday.

My “new” Logitech keyboard  has developed a bit of a quirk after four weeks of flawless performance.   The letter “b” no longer works with the Left side Shift key to create a “B”.  It partners just fine with the Right Shift key and no other keys seem to have that relationship issue.

You never realize how often you need a “B” until you go back and proof a document or email and find numerous blank spaces.

Probably not the biggest challenge I will face today, but hopefully, I can get this replaced easily.

Funny how it started 31 days after we purchased it.  Wondering if the warranty is 30 days?

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