PDX Dispatch 1/14/23: The Racial Wreckening, Trans Power Rising and Duhmocracy


101 Damnations

In 2022 Portland set its annual homicide record for the second year in a row at 101. A high percentage of cases are classified “no arrest”. Murder rates continue to increase here even as they are easing up in other cities.

Portland antifa under the BLM banner enthusiastically joined in the George Floyd riots of 2020, occupying downtown for months. The police station, federal courthouse and Apple store all remain barricaded going on three years since. Police abolitionists only succeeded in seizing a fraction of what they sought from the Portland Police Bureau’s budget in the heady early days; they nonetheless got the most bang they could for the buck, so to speak, when a beaten Mayor Wheeler ended the Police Bureau’s Gun Violence Reduction Team, long targeted by abolitionists for targeting Black! youths (for targeting other Black! youths), on June 9, just days into the rioting…

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