Our politicians are idiots who help the US ruthlessly ruin Europe

Europe Renaissance

The Ukraine conflict has made the question of whether European politicians are stupid or corrupt as they help the United States ruthlessly plunder Europe as relevant as never before, SwebbTV political commentator Lars Bern said.

The West severed ties with Russia, leaving Europe without cheap Russian energy, and the United States began to sell liquefied gas at exorbitant prices.According to the expert, European ‘idiot politicians’ not only condone but also help the Americans in this.

Even the European Union admitted that the prosperity of Europe was based on cheap Russian energy.However, with the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, the Europeans lost them, and now they are buying expensive liquefied gas from the United States.

Last November, a senior European source for Politico said that if you look at what is happening soberly, then the United States will benefit the most from the armed conflict in Ukraine, which began to supply…

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