Nanny State Throws Kitchen Sink, Aiming For Stove

PA Pundits - International

By GianCarlo Canaparo and Jack Fitzhenry ~

To some, our public schools are the “nurseries of democracy.” It would be just as accurate to describe the administrative state as the nursery of despotism.

Not the cruel “blood and iron” despotism of silly-saluting dictators and their drab-is-fab troopers, but the semi-saccharine, overweening despotism that turns adult citizens into infants compliantly awaiting the next round of transfer payments.

After a Biden administration bureaucrat suggested this week that gas stoves might be banned, the public backlash was so intense that there was immediate swift backpedaling on the idea. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Liberals often accuse conservatives of wanting the government in the bedroom, while they themselves are hard at work padding every other room in the house with layers of regulatory Bubble Wrap.

President Joe Biden, nanny-in-chief and amateur interior decorator, has some strong opinions on your home appliances. He has unleashed…

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