“May the entire republic point the finger at them”. -Brutal reckoning with the Corona system


Book and text analysis by Claus Stille, author and journalist

With the Corona pandemic, we have been asked to do a lot. First and foremost, through the measures that were enacted to combat it. Let’s keep in mind that at the beginning, in 2020, many things were still unclear. And politicians – after initially downplaying the Corona 19 virus – felt obliged to do everything they could to protect people. After all, what would they have looked like if they had done little or nothing and people had died like flies? That might have been the thinking of the politicians. Or – which is also conceivable, given what we now know – did other things play a role in driving government policy?

In any case, it is unprecedented in the history of the FRG what kind of merciless bombardment of measures and restraints rained down on the people for two…

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