Looking forward to 2023

Truth and Tolerance

My bingo card for 2022 was:

  1. Rolling blackouts: the result of nonsensical energy policy.
  2. Recession: I didn’t have a conscious reason for this beyond energy policy, just a bad feeling.
  3. War on the periphery of the American sphere of influence: American foreign policy is a mix of sowing chaos abroad while projecting weakness, someone was going to try something.

I thought I had whiffed on the rolling blackouts but at the very end of the year the U.S. got hit by a bad cold snap and a dozen states had to ration electricity: 3 out of 3!

2023 will see more of the same: high energy costs, weak leadership, politicians looting the treasury.

I was contemplating three items for bingo card for the coming year but I realized they are already happening so they wouldn’t really be predictions:

  1. The homeless camps in American cities will start to develop into favelas…

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