Israel Fascist? –

The answer is No, for Fascists, real true Fascists are not exterminationists


Fascism is a system as is Democracy its reality can be factually and statistically measured by comparative analysis to other sovereign states. The discussion here however is not an attempt to do that

In Israel, you are more likely to be killed as a Jew or as an Israeli than you are outside of Israel. And it’s because of Israel being a garrison state, being in a state of perpetual war with its neighbors, not just the major wars of ’67, ’73, and in Lebanon in 1982. But every few years there’s another war in Gaza and thousands of Jews, Israelis have been killed over the past few decades. So Israel is no longer what it was meant to be by the early Zionist movement. And that’s why this increasing alienation between diaspora and Israel. And I’m very critical, by the way, of American Jewish leaders. We mostly talked about…

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