I’m Afraid They Really Could Care Less About You


The CDC has been ignoring the DEATH safety signal in VAERS for more than two years now

But nobody is holding them accountable except me. I tried billboards, but now it’s time to ramp up the campaign. Here’s my email to the CDC director.

Steve Kirsch4 hr ago

Executive summary

Thanks to the brilliant work ofVAERS Analysis, we now know that the DEATH safety signal was first triggered in VAERSless than a month after the vaccines rolled out. Nobody at the CDC cared enough to alert the public that a killer vaccine had been unleashed.

Two years later, even aftera billboard campaign we paid for right outside CDC headquartersto call this to their attention, they are still ignoring it and not letting the public know.

Members of Congress are not calling for an investigation. They are doing nothing. Not even a letter…

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