How the Moral Relativity of Atheists is Self-Refuting

Sun & Shield

Calvin Smith of Answers in Genesis Canada uses this 4-minute video released on Jan. 3 to share examples of the faulty logic inherent in moral relativity. Despite the fact that atheists criticize Christianity for lacking logic and valid reasoning, when one examines moral relativistic arguments often made by atheists, it is the reasoning Christian who will discover that atheists are the illogical ones. Their statements cannot get around the fact that morality cannot exist without God. When atheists attempt to deny that the Bible is correct and teaches truth, the moral teachings filling the Bible from cover to cover, which are often codified in human laws, demonstrates just how true and correct the Bible really is. By default, the atheist beliefs end up being self-defeating.

Thou art near, O Lord; and all thy commandments are truth. Psalm 129:151

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