Contradictory Standards

A Coherent Observation

It’s early January 2023 and we are facing a perfect example of double standards, which is defined as: The situation of two or more groups, one of whom is tacitly(done in silence or implied) excused from following a standard generally regarded as applying to all groups.

It was revealed that on November 2, 2022, just a few short weeks before the midterm elections, a “number of documents with classified markings” were discovered at the University of Pennsylvania’s Biden Center, located in Washington, DC, by DementiaJoe’s personal attorneys, according to Richard Saubel, special counsel to the White House. The attorneys found the documents, dated from 2013-2016, hidden in a locked closet while preparing to vacate the office at the center, which Biden used from mid-2017 until he began the 2020 presidential campaign. It should prove interesting to see how the DOJ, and Biden appointed USAG Merrick Garland, will investigate the Obama-Biden-era…

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