Boldness by Sebastian Iturralde

Gobblers & Masticadores

(Blog Sebastian Iturralde)

The vibrations and sounds didn’t allow him to think while a sheet of metal passed over his head. Frank saw hair fall over his shoulders. Years of patient growth were destroyed in an instant.

The barber continued shaving Frank’s head. Leaving him with that common youth silhouette. Neither of them realized the change that was about to take place. Frank’s body began to adjust, finding a new balance without the help of a tool.

It didn’t seem like a problem when he left the barber shop, Frank looked at the world with slightly different eyes and the memory of his youth returned. What are they up to? he wondered while thinking of his old friends.

The veil of night covered the streets of the city. Frank’s car traveled fast, eagerly waiting for the view on his wife’s face.

Upon arrival, Frank ran inside to find an empty…

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