Biden’s DOE Rejects Bids to Replace Strategic Oil Reserve

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Where is the money going that Biden is raising as he sells 200 million barrels of the U.S. oil reserve? I find it amazing that this issue has not been raised. Meanwhile the supposed buy back of the reserves was simply a ruse for the November election. Did we really believe that the administration has any interest in replacing the reserve any time soon? Here we go:

Roughly one month ago, the White House answered one question we’ve been hammering them about for more than a year. Joe Biden drained nearly 200 million barrels of oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a failed effort to keep gas prices low ahead of the midterm elections. Was he ever planning on replacing that oil? And how much would it cost if he does?

In February, Biden will order a delivery of three million barrels of oil to be pumped…

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