’80’s Cartoon Makeovers: Your Children Will Love Them!


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are now transgender, fighting for Gay Rights and Black Lives Matter! Nothing will delight children more than battling climate change and the unvaccinated.

Streaming this spring on Peacock.

There is nothing better than non-binary (enby) Fred and Barney in the big city. Watch as they navigate the feces-strewn sidewalks of San Franciso and take refuge in a tent.

The TransBears are still the same lovable group but this time with important political messages that kids will love.

Available to download online only.

The Scooby gang is back on the Mystery Bus but with a makeover. Watch as the crew uncovers hidden classified documents by political leaders and lectures folx on issues like gas stoves and forbidden words.

Watch for this on Netflix in July.

Sometime in the late 80’s Sylvester and Tweety got into music and started a rap duo. The lyrics are explicit but…

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