Threat actors claim access to Telegram servers through insiders


Researchers reported that a threat actor claims to provide access to internal servers at Telegram for $20,000.

SafetyDetectives reported that a member of a dark web marketplace is claiming to provide access to internal servers at Telegram for $20,000.

The seller claims that the access is permanent because is provided by insiders that are staff members of the company.

“The SafetyDetectives research claims that access to the market is not possible via the surface web (or clear web).” reported the website GBHacker. “It provides counterfeit electronics, money, drugs, illegal software, stolen databases, cracking tools, counterfeit weapons, and carding data dumps.”

Source GBhackers

The seller pointed out that they aren’t offering stolen accounts or channels, either providing remote access.

The seller started offering the access with an ad that was posted on the dark web marketplace on November 16th, 2022.

Below is the adv published by the experts:

“Accessing telegram servers…

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