The Biden Saga–Files Are Just Popping Up All Over!


by Al Benson Jr.

It would seem that Biden’s classified files from when he was vice-President are showing up all over the place. Supposedly his lawyers have found a second batch of these and they are now checking to see if more will turn up. The (in)Justice Department seems to be now getting concerned, probably because they are getting some flak over all this from folks that feel they have been out to lunch while all this was going on. After all, they made such a big fuss over Trump’s classified documents and yet they have up to now, been asleep at the wheel concerning Biden’s.

Democrats have been concerned that a new “Church-like committee will uncover whatever “conspiracy theories’ are floating around. That’s a Democrat code term for the truth. The socialist Democrats do not want to be forced to deal with their weaponizing of government agencies such as…

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