State of the Globe?

Kensho Homestead

The global coup d’etat lock-step-two-step is right on track. The Great Reset, like the Great Awakening, is probably not what you think. That is, if you are thinking at all.

You are on board. I am on board. Even as I-We work against it. We are all, if we are opposing at all, controlled opposition. Every single one of us, from the top-tier to the bottom rung.

Do you think the threat of Technocracy is real? Which is more real, in your opinion, the threat of the virus, or the vaccine? Are we dealing with Mass Formation Psychosis, or demon worship? Are you rooting for higher consciousness? Jesus’ return? Freedom and Democracy shall triumph over Global Totalitarianism?

Did you think about the Ukraine yesterday? Did the Brazil capital riots cross your newsfeed today? Did you read about the latest teen suicides in China? The farmers in Uruguay? The Black Nobility…

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