Repost: F@shee economics – a comprehensive worldview

To the Edge of Time

«What is good for the people is good for the State, what is good for the State is good for the people: not what is good to mister banker or the bourgeois but is bad for the rest of the people, not for the one which lives of subsidies but is dragged by the rest. »
–Cultured Thug

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There is no economic doctrine established by fascism, being fascism a pure state of clean ideological conception of an organic body which attains to adjacent mechanisms according to their application. However, the predilection economic foundations of classical fascism as its wide reflection in the third-positionist governments around the globe attains to the threads of the corporativist ideal of economist and writer Afredo Rocco.

Fascist corporativism unties completely from the monetary system based in interest, debt and fiat-currency and golden-commodity and goes deep into the…

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