Moderna is conducting a clinical trial on a wireless wearable digital device to explore the physiological & behavioral impact of the immune response to an mRNA jab.

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Jan 10 2023

Use of Wearable Digital Sensors After mRNA Vaccination in Adults

Study Description

Brief Summary:

The purpose of this study is to explore the physiological and behavioral impact of the immune response to vaccines after receipt of investigational or approved messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines using wearable medical sensors, with the potential of establishing a digital biomarker of vaccine response due to stimulation of the immune system.

Condition or diseaseIntervention/treatment
Healthy ParticipantsDevice: Wireless wearable digital devices

Detailed Description:

Participants will be provided wearable medical sensor equipment and instructions at the start of the study. Participants will have access to device support throughout the study period. The wireless medical devices will be applied prior to vaccination in the concurrent Moderna-sponsored vaccine trial in order to establish an initial baseline of participants’ daily physiological patterns.

Study Design


Study Type:Observational
EstimatedEnrollment:300 participants
Observational Model:Cohort

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