Fossil Fuel Is Back —What Happened To The End Of Oil, Coal?


Fossil Fuels Once Again the Preferred Source of Reliable, Affordable Energy

The invisible hand of Adam Smith punched the world in the nose

David Yager

January 13, 2023Updated: January 13, 2023



It seems like just the other day that the wrath of the world was coming down on oil andcoal.

To protect the atmosphere, Canada has been reducing coal-fired power generation for years. It started in Ontario, then moved to Alberta. Saskatchewan is next. New Brunswick is supposed to stop by 2030, but that province claims it can’t be done.

Global coal consumption is rising again because it meets the cost and availability requirement created by energy shortages and rising prices. On Dec. 16, the International Energy Agencyreported, “The world’s coal consumption is set to reach a new high in 2022 as the energy crisis shakes markets.”

For energy, the biggest single change in…

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