CDXVI – Neither Treasure Nor Trash

Times-Dispatch of Vichy Earth

I saw a video today that included this fantastic line, which I had never heard before:

If I could buy you for what you are actually worth, and sell you for what you think you are worth, I would be a wealthy man.”

The opposite is also true, for some: if you bought them for what they think they are worth, and sold them for what they are actually worth, you’d be rich.

This quote was offered in the context of controlling anger, and the idea is that how much value we place on a thing determines how we react to an offense against that thing. If I crumple up a note you wrote to yourself, who cares; if I crumple up your lifetime achievement award you might be angry. Some of us value ourselves too highly, so we get angry at offenses we perceive against us. Some of…

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