Bill Gates Hosts Another Reddit AMA, Gets Roasted For Epstein Ties Again


by Andrew White | Valiant News

“Will you come clean about your relationship with Epstein?”

Bill Gates Hosts Another Reddit AMA, Gets Roasted For Epstein Ties Again

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire vaccine fanatic Bill Gates is, once again, being inquired about his dealings with disgraced pedophile and prolific human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein on his 11th Reddit “ask me anything”post.

Gates, one of the richest men in the planet, invites members of the public on Reddit to ask him questions on an annual basis,according to his user account history.

“I recently found out that I’m going to become a grandfather this year and spent some time thinking about what matters as we head into 2023. Feel free to ask what I’m excited about in the year ahead, our work at the foundation, or anything else,” Gates wrote in his Reddit post.

Not even 30 minutes into the event, Gates was immediately swarmed with questions surrounding his relationship with Epstein, as…

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