The Catastrophic Impact of Covid Forced Societal Lockdowns


A lawyer named Michael P. Senger tweeted on January 8, 2022:

Peter McCullough is the most overrated “COVID skeptic” account. … McCullough never actually opposed lockdowns before 2022, and his narrative was never about easing COVID hysteria.

Dr. Alexander feels that Mr. Senger must surely know that this assertion cannot be true. After all, Mr. Senger states on his Twitter profile that he is a contributor to the Brownstone Institute, whose Founder and President, Jeffrey Tucker, published Dr. Alexander’s essay,The Catastrophic Impact of Covid Forced Societal Lockdownson January 30, 2021. At this time, Mr. Tucker was the Editorial Director of the American Institute for Economic Research, which published the paper.

As Dr. Alexander pointed out to me last night,Dr. McCullough was a contributing author to this essay. What’s more, Dr. Alexander and his colleagues wrote it in 2020.

Already in late March of 2020, Dr. McCullough…

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