NATO acknowledges ties with Taiwan


January 11, 2023

Taiwan officer reveals details of rare interaction with NATO

A Taiwan air force officer revealed details on Wednesday of a rare interaction between the island’s military and NATO, describing how he had attended a six-month academic programme with senior officials in Italy.


Speaking to reporters on a trip to the Hsinchu air base in northern Taiwan, air force Lieutenant Colonel Wu Bong-yeng said he had attended a six-month course at the NATO Defence College in Rome in 2021, returning to Taiwan in January last year.


“They need to understand our country’s situation, and our abilities,” he said.

NATO, in response to questions on Wu’s attendance, said it had no formal partnership with Taiwan.

“Over the years, NATO’s educational institutions, such as the NATO Defense College and the NATO School Oberammergau, have engaged with actors from across the region, including from Taipei,” a NATO official…

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