Ever Reliable: Nuclear & Coal-Fired Power Provide Germany’s Only Energy Salvation


Seems like only yesterday that Germany’s grand wind and solar transition was the talk of the town. Dubbed the “Energiewende”, it was meant to spell an inevitable end to nuclear and coal-fired power, which would soon be replaced by nothing other than forests of wind turbines and seas of solar panels.

Well, that was what the memo said, anyway.

All of a sudden, plans to shut down its remaining three nuclear plants have been shelved and coal-fired power is the new ‘must have’.

For all the presumably virtuous and noble talk about killing off their uranium and lignite-fuelled power plants, Germans have collided with what Robert Bryce calls the ‘Iron Law of Electricity’.

The Iron Law Of Electricity Strikes Again: Germany Re-Opens Five Lignite-Fired Power Plants
Robert Bryce
28 October 2022

Last week, numerous media outlets reported that Germany will extend the lives of three of its nuclear power…

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