The Mother of All Limited Hangouts

Bullseye… Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, on it’s surface, is easy to be viewed as a big win for “freedom of speech” , for “balanced culture war views” – throwing a bone to the milquetoast political ideologues on the Right, etc

This is not the case.

The technocratic vision of an All-Seeing Eye has postulated and craved and is dependent upon a “Global Brain” since that term was coined some hundred years ago. What could be deemed a Global Brain? A mechanism like Twitter with which the sentiments of hundreds of millions of people can be gauged in real time – this mechanism is a good start.

Now, couple the ability to monitor the real-time happenings and sentiments (to current events, for instance – breaking news, like a Trump related announcement or a blood moon or a new Taylor Swift album or a Kanye-flavored antisemitism happening) – we couple the sentiments, en masse, with the BIG DATA troves of each user.

The Big Data troves know the device, the location, the metadata of each node on the network of the Global Brain hive mind, or call it multiple heads of a Hydra. This feeds the machine learning, dictating artificial intelligence – the end goal is ARTIFICIAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

As for Musk, we only need to look at his priors. He comes from a bloodline of true technocrats. He was a founder of PayPal, these founders were called the PayPal Mafia. One of the key founders is Mr. Peter Thiel. Thiel was one of Facebook’s early investors (Facebook is a DARPA/CIA project as was Google). Thiel is the founder of Palantir Technologies. I could write volumes and volumes about the depth and breadth of the expanse of the scope this company has in terms of it’s advanced database products for law enforcement to conduct “predictive policing” , how this company has grown thanks to the Patriot Act constitutional overreach – a vendor for the IRS, DEA, FBI, ATF, DHS and endless amounts more of state, municipal and task forces, it’s ties to the efforts to seize cryptocurrencies worldwide, ties to BlackRock, ties to Erik Prince’s latest iterations of private military contractors, etc etc …Thiel also is on the Steering Committee of Biilderberg Group, dozens of Neoliberal think-tanks, etc. And he financed campaigns of the Milquetoast Conservatives that share the sentiments of the “Twitter Right” such as JD Vance.

Don’t think such gusto is unique to one person.

Musk bought the company to seize the absolutely invaluable global brain hive mind and look no further than the fact he has set forward to buyback the shares of the company, winding up it’s status as a publicly traded company and is bringing the company private.

As a private company, now, the regulatory compliance requirements to his privately owned and operated Twitter are no different than let’s say my neighbor’s privately owned and operated snow plowing service. There are no SEC filing requirements, no disclosure of the financial innards of the company, no shareholders whatsoever to answer to (in the markets that is – this is not pertaining to private investors), there is no disclosure of joint projects, state contracts, mergers, acquisitions, divesture..there are no DEI/ESG pressure permeating into the culture of the company with pressure from BlackRock/Vanguard/State Street. No Management Discussion and Analysis, no pressure from the outside Wall Street consulting firms, no hedge funds making plays against the FMV of Twitter’s publicly traded stock – for the publicly traded stock no longer exists.

Do not discount how CIA/USAID Eleemosynary Blackops have benefited Tesla as to the company’s rights, privileges and obligations it has been able to procure in the drilling for lithium deposits all over the globe.

It is all part of the greater plan. One World Order is coming and these people will not stop.

Consent Factory, Inc.

The Mother of All Limited Hangouts has begun. Yes, I’m talking about the “Covid Twitter Files,” which are finally being released to the public, in almost textbook limited-hangout fashion. I’ll get into that in just a minute, but first, let’s review what a “limited hangout” is, for those who are not familiar with the term.

The way a limited hangout works is, if you’re an intelligence agency, or a global corporation, or a government, or a non-governmental organization, and you have been doing things you need to hide from the public, and those things are starting to come to light such that you can’t just deny that you are doing them anymore, what you do is, you release a limited part of the story (i.e., the story of whatever it is you’re doing) to distract people’s attention from the rest of the story. The part you release is the “limited…

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