Some Warm Theological Debates

The Orthosphere

“Every man knows that he understands religion and politics, though he never learned them; but many people are conscious they do not understand many other sciences, from having never learned them.” 

Jonathan Swift, paraphrased in the Letter of the Earl of Chesterfield to his Son (March 25, 1751)

“Carefully avoid an argumentative and disputative turn, which too many people have, and some even value themselves upon . . . and when you find  your antagonist beginning to grow warm, put an end to the dispute by some genteel badinage.” 

Letter of the Earl of Chesterfield to his Son (Nov. 5, 1765)

Theological and political debates at the Orthosphere are only sometimes argumentative, disputative and warm.  The prevailing tranquility in these parts is partly owing to our civility, partly owing to our personal modesty, and partly owing to our prudent use of cooling doses of “genteel badinage.”   This tranquility is creditable…

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