Normative Red Pill

Σ Frame

Thanks to Roosh, et al., the Red Pill is not as esoteric as it once was, but redemption still remains to be had.

Targeted Readership:All
Theme:Consolidating Masculinity
Length:600 words
Reading Time:3 minutes

During the past few years, it was recognized that a man had to take the Red Pill in order to fully wake up from the widespread gynocentric indoctrination so prevalent in the culture. But most men couldn’t do this unless they were first tied to the feminist whipping post and had all the lies beat out of their heads.

Catacomb Resident wrote,

“But despite the near unanimity of testimonies of men here having to walk through the fires of Hell to get here, I’m still not convinced this should be treated as normative. Some of you seem to come close to saying that. Typical maybe, but not at all necessary to get to…

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