In 1995 ‘America First’ Rep. Traficant proposed moving 10,000 US troops from Europe and placing them on US Southern border. 14 yrs later, desperate Americans remembered, shouting “President Traficant!” at 2009 Tea Party rally-Chronicles 1996, Bus. Journal 2009

Impeach Obama, McCain and Boehner Today

Sept. 1, 2009,Traficant Draws Cheers at TEA Party,, Traficant spoke at Ohio Tea [Taxed Enough Already] Party rallyon issues of the border and trade. “”I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Traficant said as cheers erupted. “I’ve made a lot of enemies, and if I make one wrong move,they’ll put me back in jail for three more years.” The crowd interrupted with shouts of “President Traficant”and “We’re behind you. Jim.“”…(Jim Traficant died in 2014).


In 1995 Rep. Traficant introduced legislation authorizing the Pentagon to redeployAmerican troops stationed in Europe to the US Southern border to assist understaffed law enforcement in stopping the flood of criminals pouring over the US Southern border:

May 1, 1996,America First, James Traficant, Democratic member of US Congress, Chronicles Magazine (subscription)

“Protecting Our Borders

Last year I introduced

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