Habits and Metaphor: Constructing the Person

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Rule One: Patterns of Action are Built on Habits

It starts in the womb, as young minds construct habitual patterns of behavior — and create a new self-identity, with growing memories of “me.”

Jud Brewer 2014 The Craving Mind

The process continues throughout life, as ongoing mental and emotional judgments of what is pleasant and what is unpleasant struggle to birth new self-identities, against a lengthening lifetime of pre-existing habits.

Another way of describing the process:

In philosophy, the criteria for personhood (PH) at a specific point in time (synchronic), and the necessary and sufficient conditions of personal identity (PI) over time (diachronic) are traditionally separated. Hence, the transition between both timescales of a person’s life remains largely unclear. Personal habits reflect a decision-making (DM) process that binds together synchronic and diachronic timescales. Despite the fact that the actualization of habits takes place synchronically, they presuppose, for the possibility of…

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