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A WISE YOUNG WOMAN taught me “Never say never.” Well, a fat lot of good that did, because as recently as October 13 of last year, I noted that the Stipa-Caproni aeroplane violated one of my GMax rules: “Never take on a project you wouldn’t mind staring at for hours.”

The Stipa-Caproni. Image from “Ducted Fan Ad Extremus.”

As noted back then, “The problem is, the Stipa-Caproni is pug-ugly.”

But the more I learned about Professor Luigi Stipa’s proof of concept, the more “innovative” replaced “pug-ugly” in my thinking. Here’s my GMax Stipa-Caproni, quite resplendent in its Italian racing colors.

This and following images are of my GMax Stipa-Caproni.

Staring at the Project. The Stipa-Caproni turned out to be a fairly straightforward project. My computer log indicates its construction began December 14, 2022; its flight testing and photography were completed January 5.

Other than an outer and inner fuselage, the…

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