Doctoral dissertations and lifelong intellectual prejudices

Gilbert Doctorow

My latest essay, a critique of writings by Anatol Lieven on the likely outcome of the Ukraine-Russia war, elicited many comments from readers, including one string relating to another well placed holder of the Ph.D. degree who gives U.S. higher education a bad name, Yale professor Timothy Snyder. In his periodical articles in The New York Review of Books and in his lectures around the States, around Europe Snyder was a fervent propagandist on behalf of Ukraine and passionate Russophobe long before 2014, when the clash between Russia and Ukraine first took a warlike dimension. He has not changed his stripes ever since.

What the authors of the comments on my website would not know is that Snyder’s prejudices, which deny factual reality, may be taken back to his years as a researcher of his Ph.D. dissertation, which later became a sensation in the academic world (The Bloodlands)…

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