American Data Privacy Protection Act (ADPPA)



by Ishita Sethi

Federal consumer privacy legislation has been discussed for decades, even though individual States in the United States have sole control over consumer privacy laws. However, it appears that Congress has made some headway with the American Data Privacy Protection Act (“ADPPA”), which has been suggested as a historic piece of U.S. Federal privacy legislation, following in the footsteps of the GDPR, and will thus be discussed in the current article.


Data today is fuelling an expanding number of enterprises. Personalised customer experiences, automated marketing messages, and science-driven insights all depend on the quality and amount of your information. Companies are keen to collect data, which sounds plausible. On the other hand, legislators are concerned to safeguard people’s safety and privacy. Businesses frequently encounter difficulties while attempting to adhere to data privacy laws. Strict access restrictions are thereby required by these standards to safeguard sensitive personal data.

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