Addiction is a very Real Fight for your Soul

National Addiction News

The devil holds the ultimate tool to take you down and dead thru addictions; however, God has all the tools we need to be set FREE for a lifetime, without ever using or craving again! IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

In addition to the commonly known street drugs and alcohol (alcohol is considered a drug), addiction comes in the form of those psychiatric drugs your doctor legally gives you, as well as in those pills to take pain away and reduce anxiety. I’m not at all saying that your doctor is necessarily sinister and doing this to harm you. What I am saying is that your doctor may not be aware of what he or she is doing to your mind and body with drugs that the Bible defines as ‘sorcery’. Sorcery, or pharmakeia in the original Greek, is further defined as witchcraft. (***NOTE: Do NOT abruptly discontinue any…

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