Winning the Peace (Ch. 2)

ST UnWoke!

Anyone who believes that we are winning the so called “Global War on Terrorism” has not endured an airport screening lately. Winning the peace would mean that you could board a plane as stress free as you did before 9-11. No, what we see and feel in today’s America is not what peace looks like. This is what continuous war feels like, and it appears that our side is further from victory than we were in November of 2001 when Kabul fell to U.S. backed Northern Alliance. The strategy to win this long war is yet to be designed. Apparently there are no strategists in the Pentagon. Our generals operate at an operational level at best or perhaps even worse, as revelations concerning retired General Petraeus would indicate, maybe today’s generals make love not war.

Before FAOs can develop and implement strategies, the ruling class must first have the courage…

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