The COVID ‘Vaccine’ AKA KILL SHOT Is An Intentional Effort At World Genocide!


First… An update to my daily rant, as apparently the Brazilian people are presently in open revolt across Brazil and may have to overthrow the evil WEF government itself despite the fact that Bolsonero has basically given up the entire fight… I will be watching what happens, for if the people are successful in taking back Brazil from the criminals, it may be the precedence and symbol for other people around the world that they too must stop being pushed around and that WE the people have the power!

OK, Onto a special for this Sunday night, as usually I do not do other articles on a Sunday since my ‘rant’ takes up enough of my time and I do try to take the rest of today off for much needed rest and relaxation.. I was in fact alerted earlier today by a commentator to this blog that none other…

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