The Climate Cabal Has Plans For You

PA Pundits - International

By Craig Rucker ~

Coal, oil and natural gas – in conjunction with innovative free-enterprise capitalism — have lifted billions out of drudgery and poverty and brought unprecedented prosperity to billions of people. They’ve blessed humanity with pharmaceuticals, plastics, cell phones, sanitation and countless other benefits that wouldn’t have otherwise existed.

For example, thanks to modern fertilizers (made possible by fossil fuels), countries from Brazil to Zimbabwe are enjoying record harvests of grains and other crops.

And yet, according to the fulminations of far-Left politicians and activists, such as those who recently attended the UN’s COP-27 climate conference in Egypt, fossil fuels and capitalism bring only human misery and planetary destruction.

Despite claims to the contrary, man-made carbon emissions are only a bit player compared to the powerful natural forces that have always propelled climate and weather fluctuations. By any measure, there is no statistically significant uptick in wildfires, hurricanes…

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