System Dynamics of the Global Economy


How did we get here?

Cheap inflation-killing consumer goods coming from China, and cheap inflation-killing Russian energy under competitive western production funded by credit and inflation export.

What comes next?

Here’s Alistair Crooke to sketch the dynamics:


While America’s cultural and economic ascendency is portrayed as an End of History ‘normal’, it represents an obvious anomaly

Toward the end of hisThe Rise and Fall of the Great Powers(1987), “[Yale Historian] Paul Kennedy expressed the then-controversial belief that great power wars werenot a thing of the past. One of the main themes of Kennedy’s history was the concept of overstretch – that is to say, that the relative decline of great powers often resulted from an imbalance between a nation’s resources and its commitments”,writesProfessor Francis Sempa.

Few in the western Ruling Class even accept that we have reached such a point of inflection…

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