Resilience Rating of Ecosystems of Corporations and Supply Chains

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Artificial Intuition

The object of this article is to examine the rating of systemic risks of groups (supply chains) of customers, also containing thousands of subjects. In the era of the globalized and interconnected economy, it is clear that companies, banks and countries are part of a huge system of systems. As turbulence increases and the frequency of extreme events increases, the importance of a systemic view of the economy becomes apparent. In fact, due to turbulence and fragility, in highly interconnected systems the propagation of shock and contagion is very fast and can lead to a huge number of possible outcomes often surprising. This number increases with the complexity of the system. However, the idea and concept of “systemic risks”, although it became popular after the collapse of the economy in 2008, is very difficult to define. By “systemic” we naturally refer to everything that can have repercussions (damage, consequences) at…

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